How to print munzees in 2018?

Sunday 11.2.2018 14:03:26, Jakuje

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What is munzee?

Munzee is a game, where you search for QR codes all over the world and for every scan through the application, you are awarded points. It was launched in 2011, the largest boom was around 2014, but not it looks like it is little less active than it was before. This so far would not be still very interesting, but there are specials types of munzees and specials mythological creatures, that bounce from munzee to munze all over the world and they are rare to find and catch.

Why print?

There is munzee shop, where one can order quality stickers from US, but they are not cheap, nor the shipping from US is. Also you can not choose your own design. But there is option to create your own munzees on official website, export the content of generated QR codes and generate your own QR codes of your choice and taste.

What is needed?

First things first. We can either print on normal paper, laminate separate codes and attach them with some special tape to attach it to the place. Other possibility is to use directly a sticker to print on with a laser printer.

Then we need a browser plugin, that is able to export the links from Munzee website. The script is no longer available in repository, but I have a copy available here. Currently, it works only Chrome/Chromium browser with a Tampermonkey extenstion.



  1. In Chrome/Chromium brower, install a Tampermonky extension
  2. Open the link from above to install MunzeePrint User script

Create a new munzees

  1. Open a Munzee page for creation of new Munzees
  2. Create how many munzees you wish (I go with 100 per A4 sheet)

Export links from QR codes on munzee website

  1. Go to Munzee page for printing munzees in Chrome/Chromium. It should be already altered by the userscript -- there should be "Advanced printing" column
  2. Select all munzees you want to print (click "Check visible"), adjust the selection (exclude already printed munzees, socials, ...)
  3. Click "Get barcodes values", which will list the links for future steps

Generate your munzee design

  1. Open Munzee Skin Machine (more designs) or QR generator (more options)
  2. Adjust desgin/options, generate PDF or directly print your munzees

Thats all folks. As I mentioned, I used the second QR generator to create 100 munzees per A4 paper. They look somehow like this:




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